Text Box: Roof Drain De-Icing Systems
Text Box: With the introduction of Membrane & Rubber roofing materials, the attachment of de-icing cables to the roof  has presented a dilemma  for roofing specialists.  A major concern of Property Owners is the damage caused by Ice Damming.  We have a solution!!

The Roof Drain De-Icing Jig was created  by RDDS, Inc. with several things in mind.  The Jig is light weight, inexpensive, and uses standard Heat Trace Cable without anchoring through the roof membrane.  It is easy to customize to job conditions in the field. It adapts easily for use in Canales and Scuppers on southwestern and flat roof style architecture both commercial and residential.  It is easy to install with small hand tools.  Pictured below is a typical commercial roof drain installation.  Please visit our web-site for more solutions.


No Dammed Ice